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Why Jesus?

What we love about Jesus is that he just makes sense. In a world where so much is senseless, Jesus' life, death and resurrection make sense.

They make sense to us in the face of our less than impeccable lives, our inevitable death, and our uncertain life after death. He makes sense of that ache for meaning we all have. He makes sense of why relationships are so important to us all. He makes sense of that dirty feeling on the inside that we all get. He makes sense of our sense of justice.

Thank God Jesus makes sense! And we would love for Jesus to make sense to you too.

Come along to a service this Sunday to find out more.

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Our Vision

Our vision at Gosford Presbyterian Church is to glorify God by being a strong gospel and Bible teaching church and prayerfully:


We thoughtfully, sensitively and inclusively invite people into the community of faith and give them a sense of belonging


We strengthen people in their knowledge and understanding of Jesus


We support each other by sharing our lives and following Jesus together


We serve Jesus through daily submission to Him


We equip people to tell the gospel, make disciples and be effective leaders

Contact Us

0423 116 487

14 Young St, West Gosford 2250